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Water Sports Activities in Dandeli

Dandeli is the centre of multiple adventurous activities of Karnataka state, and there are many places to visit in Dandeli. In your holiday, you can get an assortment of adventurous activities in Dandeli tourism. Among other adventurous activities, water sports are the most captivating attraction among tourists. So, if you are looking for a place that offers multiple water experiences, Dandeli is the perfect destination for you.

Don’t get late and pack your bags to visit this quaint town that will soothe your adventurous soul with a vast range of water sports. You won’t get bored for a single moment here in Dandeli. River Kali is a popular place in Dandeli for various water sports. Even spending quality time beside the rushing river of Dandeli will revive your senses with its beautiful panoramic views. So, this place is undoubtedly ideal for adventurous freaks. 

Dandeli adventurous activities - If you are thinking to get an adventurous experience this year, then must head to Dandeli, which is considered as one of the most adventurous places of South India. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the full range of adventurous activities here in Dandeli. This town is located in northern Karnataka and a popular tourist place of India. Dandeli is nestled in the mountains and offers an excellent view of mother nature to the tourists. River Kali and Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary lie among the famous places of DANDELI TOUR PACKAGE. 

There are multiple adventurous activities in Dandeli that will revive your senses. Apart from various adventurous water sports, there are many other adventurous activities too. You can go to rock climbing and rappelling. If you are a wildlife photographer or a nature lover, then you will surely enjoy crocodile treks and bird watching trips. Apart from these, there are Jungle safari and jungle trekking that is also captivating for tourists.

If you want to explore the jungle, you can go for a jeep safari in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in Dandeli Karnataka. By jungle safari, one can also get a glimpse of a beautiful peacock or tiger. Apart from this, you also can go for mountain biking on the fringes of the Dandeli forest. Apart from all these adventurous activities, one also can enjoy archery, campfire, rappelling, etc.

Dandeli water park - Dandeli is full of various adventurous water sports. So, naturally, there are several water parks in Dandeli where you can enjoy a wide range of water sports. The fun and recreational adventurous water sports will make you forget about all the daily worries of life. Some of the water parks of Dandeli include Badagund water park, Laguna watersports, Nand Gokul, Wow water sports etc. 

Laguna water sports Dandeli - In Dandeli Laguna water park is famous for adventurous water sports. You will get the thrilling experience of kayaking and water rafting in this place. Here you will get a chance for kayaking and rafting with the guidance of experienced instructors. 

Dandeli adventure water sports - One will get a wide range of adventurous activities in DANDELI TRIP. Though this place is also famous for wildlife, yet it is mostly reckoned in Karnataka for its adventurous water sports. Among all of the water sports, river rafting is the centre of attraction among the adventurous activities in Dandeli. There are multiple water sports activities in Dandeli that include river rafting, kayaking, swimming, river crossing, coracle ride, fishing, river safari, natural jacuzzi bath, and much more. Now we will discuss the amusements of all these adventurous water sports of Dandeli.

•    Dandeli water rafting - Water rafting is one of the best water sports in Dandeli. This water sport is ideal for adventure lovers who want to experiment with their adventurous skills. Water rafting or Whitewater rafting is a thrilling experience and a well-known attraction of Karnataka state. For tourists, rafting is a great experience. So, when you head to Dandeli must get the fantastic experience of water rafting. 

•    Kayaking - Kayaking is another popular water sport of Dandeli. It is an activity that is done with paddling across the river. Tourists participate in this activity and enjoy the excellent experience of kayaking. Experienced and skilled instructors will guide you through the entire process of kayaking. One also will get a chance to learn kayaking here in Dandeli. River Kali is one of the reckoned DANDELI PLACES TO VISIT, where you can get the chance of kayaking. 

•    Zorbing - Zorbing is also an adventurous water sport of Dandeli. It is a recreational adventurous water sport where you need to ride on a transparent, inflatable ball. This ball is called Zorb, and it rolls down into a water surface. This water sport is ideal for releasing stress and rejuvenate.

•    Jacuzzi bath - Jacuzzi bath is one of the best adventurous sports of Dandeli. With this activity, you will get a natural massage from the splashing water of the Kali river. The river flows rapidly and hits the body and gives a healing touch. Jacuzzi bath is a natural therapy of massage that will offer a soothing feeling to your body and mind. 

•    Coracle ride - Coracle ride is another adventurous water sport of Dandeli where one is taken on a traditional round shape boat. This round shape boat is called as coracle. This boat drifts slowly down the Kali river. Through the ride of coracle one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Kali river and can see various birds in the surrounding of river Kali. 

•    River crossing - River crossing is also considered as one of the best adventurous water sports of this region. If you want to experience river crossing, you have to cross the river by using a safety harness that will be attached to the rope that will be tied to both sides of the river and the water flows below you. You can do this activity with the help of an experienced guide. 

Travel tips - When you go for any adventurous water sports in Dandeli, there are some essential tips that you should follow. The vital tips that you should follow to pay attention to your instructor don’t damage the safety equipment, wear comfortable clothes, and don’t wear shoes. 

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