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Other Info
  • Internet Availability:Good
  • STD Code:0824
  • Languages Spoken:Kannada, English, Hindi & Tulu
  • Major Festivals:Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi and Krishna Janmashtami
  • Notes/Tips:None

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Mangalore Overview

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 2 Night 3 Days
  • Nearest City Mangalore: Udupi, Murudeshwar & Coorg
  • Best Time to Visit Mangalore: Sep to Apr
  • Peak Season: Sep to Apr
  • Weather Info: Mostly chill or little warm during summer
  • State: karnataka

The port city of Mangalore is positioned between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. The place is a beautiful picturesque of swaying coconut trees, palms and the lovely beaches are explored by tourists from time to time. The ancient architecturally, rich temples, industrial areas, educational and healthcare centers are also an attractive charm of the city.

In spite of the growth of the commercial business, Mangalore is a perfect gateway from the bustling city crowd to a preserved beauty of nature. You’ll find the glitter of an urban city, but will also enjoy the amazing pleasant ambience for shopping, and enjoying the seafood. The tasty Mangalorean cuisine is a must-try food here.

Mangalore tourism

The tourism of Mangalore is large because of many beaches, temples, churches and mosques lie here. Devotees and tourists keep on visiting the place every year during the festivals. The well-known folk dance is a visual treat, adding colour to the trip to Mangalore. The tourists love the spellbound culture and festivals. 

At Mangalore, you can explore the amazing activities. It includes trekking, camping, jeep rides, standup paddles, Hilltop camping and Kayaking are largely explored by the adventurous travelers.

History of Mangalore

In the historical accounts of Ibn Battuta and Ptolemy, there is mention of the place, Mangalore in their testimony. During the 3rd century, King Asoka of the Mauryan dynasty ruled over the place.  The rule of Vijayanagara, and the European traders too arrived at Mangalore, which was known as Canara. 

Mangalore was invaded by the Portuguese further, conquered by Hyder Ali in the year 1763. British East India Company did not lag behind to show their power over this place. Mangalore was then under the rule of Tipu Sultan. Thus, a significant range of culture and flourished trading is observed at Mangalore.  

Trading of spices, timber and sandalwood are highly observed here. During the year 1970s to 1980s there is a sharp growth at the commercialization observed at Mangalore.

Places to visit in Mangalore

There are numerous places to be explored here at Mangalore. Check out the list below.

Panambur Beach: It is located very close to the New port of Mangalore. Serene, pristine and clean beach with a dash of colourful hues in the sky is loved by the tourists. During April month, festivals are observed. 

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple:  This wonderful temple was made for the Billava Community by Sri Narayana Guru. It was made for this community as they were not allowed to enter any other temple. Lord Shiva is worshipped here. 

St.Aloysius Chapel: This catholic church is one of the famous attraction at Mangalore. A lighthouse on the top, breathtaking view of nature and unique temple paintings on the walls are the best attraction here.

Kadri Manjunatha Temple:  This wonderful architecturally rich temple was built around 1068. It is designed based on the Vijaynagri style. Manjunatha is the chief deity worshipped here. 

Sultan Battery: This interesting watchtower was built by Tipu Sultan to look out for the entries of the warships. It is made out of black stones which overall looks like a miniature fortress. You’ll find ruins here. 

Kadri Hill Park: A housing of an extensive variety of wild animals are observed here. This small hill park has the largest collection of the rare species. Wild animals are conserved here. There are eight water tanks. The localites use this water to cure their skin diseases. 

Tannirbhavi Beach:  This exotic beach is a perfect weekend gateway at Mangalore. Proper seats, walking trails, and other facilities are made accessible for tourists. 

Ullal Beach: This unspoiled beach experiences the clean and serene beauty of nature. It provides adventure and a breakthrough if visited for a day trip.

Mangaladevi Temple: The most enchanted temple dedicated to the Goddess Mangaladevi which is another form of the Goddess Shakti or Goddess Durga.  The goddess is believed to be powerful and fulfil the wishes if asked with a clear heart. Devotes meditate for hours and chant at the temple premises. 

Surathkal Beach: Located on the Konkon coast, this tourist destination is a travelers delight. The shimmery coastline of the majestic Arabian Sea offers the most beautiful view and feel.

Apart from this notable destination, there are numerous churches, beach, golf court and temples to witness in Mangalore.

Among all the places to visit in Mangalore¸ this place is famous for its astounding beaches. This place is termed as “Entry point to Beach Country”. A tour to the Panambur Beach, Kapu beach, Someshwara Beach and other beaches will incessantly caress you with the gentle waves and golden sand view. Sunrise and sunsets are marvelous.

Best time to visit Mangalore

This lovely destination has the most pleasant weather. September and April are a great time to explore the place. It limits the temperature to 30 degree Celsius, whereas in winter it is quite high. Summers are extremely hot, and humidity is high. Around July to August heavy shower is witnessed. Monsoon is not suitable to visit any beach area.

Mangalore tour packages includes the best places, which are often unexplored by the tourists. Explore Mangalore at the soothing seasons.  

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