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  • Internet Availability:Good
  • STD Code:08394
  • Languages Spoken:Kannada, Hindi and English
  • Major Festivals:Hampi Festival, Purandaradasa Aradhana, Virupaksha Car Festival, Phalapuja Festival, Diwali and Shivaratri
  • Notes/Tips:None

Hampi Overview

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 2 Nights 3 Days
  • Nearest City Hampi: Hubli and Hospet
  • Best Time to Visit Hampi: October to January
  • Peak Season: Oct to Feb
  • Weather Info: Moderate
  • State: karnataka

Overview of Hampi

The city of ruins of Hampi is situated in the lap of hills and valleys of Karnataka. In 1986, Hampi was tagged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since then, protocols have been laid down to bring back the glory in the place. This place is the jackpot for historic place lovers. In Hampi tourism, you will be engulfed with more than 500 ancient mountains, ruined temples with maintained carvings and sculptures, rich footprints of Vijayanagar Reign, lively vivid street markets, and treasury building. The place is a delight for adventure enthusiasts as well. In a nutshell, one can say, the place is an open exhibition of more hundred locations with unbelievable artifacts stored in each one of them. 

As one walks through the terrains of Hampi, you will feel the royalty once Hampi sprinkled all over it. The mysterious terrains spread over a vast open area, sheltering several ruined temples, forts, and other significant structures. Hampi is guarded with humongous boulders of different shapes. When the adventure fanatics climb over the rocks, he/she will witness the breathtaking picturesque landscapes from the top. The geography of the city, along with the majestic Tungabhadra River gushing down, is a panoramic view.  

History of Hampi

Hampi already rhymes with rich cultural heritage. The place had found in maps long way back to 1 AD when the first settlers arrived. After that, very little is known, until the Mauryan Empire left its marks. Several incredible artifacts were excavated, which signaled to Ashoka’s reign. Brahmi script, Ashoka’s Rock Edict, or terracotta sealing all went back to the 2nd century. The Deccan Muslim Sultanate played a significant role in making Hampi rich with a history timeline. Finally, the Vijayanagar Reign carved both architecturally and historically in the pages of Hampi. They established a successful trading system where Hampi was the base.

Such a rich background of Hampi lead interests in both Muslim and Hindu kingdoms. Different rulers, different eras with various empires building their marked structure made Hampi a land of vibrant importance. The town became a candy for the archaeologists. The place went through several changes, from in the limelight to ruined into dust, it's now building to bring back the glorious days. Not only do tourists but also pilgrims are attracted to this place of various temples, ruined sites, and marine structures. 

Top Places to Visit in Hampi

Virupaksha temple

Prasanna Virupakhsha Temple was built in the 7th century on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in Hampi. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is undoubtedly one of the essential places to visit in Hampi. The carvings on the walls of Virupaksha Temple are evidence of rich cultural works of the Vijayanagar Empire. The TempleTemple is solely dedicated to one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva, known as Lord Virupaksha. The TempleTemple played a part in the naming of the town. Hampi was previously called Pampa, and Pampa is the better half of Lord Virupaksha. Pampa is another incarnation of Goddess Parvathi. 

The Architecture of the Temple is based on South Indian Style. The temple complex consists of three gopurams that shelter several deities and idols. The TempleTemple was expanded and home of sanctums from Hoysala and Chalukyan Periods. The walls on the corridors shine with sculptured décor and scenes of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Aside from the Virupaksha Temple, many ruins are visible from the same spot. 

Hampi Hippie island

This place is known for its ancient ruined temples and structures. Still, there is another culture of Hampi that can be found in the northern banks of the Tungabhadra river. The vibrant Hippie culture flourishes in the Hippie Island or Virapapur Gadde. The backpackers can reach this small island within five minutes through boat or coracle. Hippie Island is synonymous with a panoramic view, large scales of delicacies, and the ambiance of the island.  

The island is the fusion of Indians and Foreigners who build varieties of cafes and tourist huts. The place is renowned for its cheap rates in both food and shelter. Many tourists storm this historic place. It is not only an island of Eastern and Western mix but also resting in small huts away from the city is an enigmatic, serene feeling. History enthusiasts also visit an alternative cultural place. How can someone say no to Indian and Western blend cuisine while savoring in the beach of Hippie Culture? The tourists should rent a moped for traveling on the island and having a lifetime experience.

Hampi Utsav

In the itinerary of Hampi tour package, the famous, interesting places get the highlights, but what misses out is the Hampi Utsav, which gets celebrated grandly every year. It is one of the largest celebrations continuing since the Vijayanagar Era. The alternative name of Hampi Utsav is the Vijaya Utsav. The festival takes place to honor the culture, traditions, history of the ancient era. People celebrate the festival at the Virupaksha Temple. 

The alluring, ruined Virupaksha Temple as the backdrop to the rich cultural program celebration is a lifetime experience for all. The people show their love and respect to the bygone era through dance performances and folk songs. The illustrious Janapada Kalavahini concert showcases light and sound performances too!

Jumbo safari or elephant march is taken out to resemble might reign of the grandeur Viajayanagr Empire. The road, "Raja Marg," leading to the Temple, is elegantly decorated with lights. Hampi Utsav has no designated date in any calendar. Whenever,the Karnataka Government seems fit, schedules the three-day remembrance religious festival.  

Best Time to Visit Hampi

This place has dry weather throughout the year. You can visit any time of the year to witness the Heritage Sites. But, it is advisable to take the Hampi Tour within the winter months, viz from October to February. Usually, all the renowned festivals are celebrated in November. The cold winter days will assist you in soothing sightseeing of Hampi. Since the temperature remains dry, it is advised against taking a trip to Hampi in Summer Months, viz, from March to June.  

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