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Waterfalls near Bangalore

Abbey falls

  • Waterfall

Abbey falls About Abbey falls A ten-minute short walk from the entrance leads you towards the magnificent Abbey waterfall which is of a mammoth size of Seventy feet. It is the must places to visit when you visit Coorg. The enormous size and lovely look of the falls definitely make it one among the...

Bear shola falls

  • Waterfall

Bear shola falls. Bear Shola Falls History. Don’t you ever wonder why Bear Shola falls was named this way? Well, for your information, the falls was frequented by bears who came down to drink its water. There are a lot of PLACES TO VISIT IN KODAIKANAL but, this is a Kodaikanal TOURIST PLACE that...


  • Lake & Backwater | Waterfall

Bheemeshwari About Bheemeshwari Looking for places to visit in Karnataka for your one-day trip? If you like adventure activities like rafting and trekking then you are just an article away from finding the perfect weekend spot. Bheemeshwari is a lovely adventure campsite in a town placed right in...

Catherine falls

  • Waterfall

The unique experience The serenity and natural charm are all the reasons to visit Catherine Falls (one of the must places to visit in Ooty) if you are planning to visit Ooty. The waterfall looks grand with its scenic setting that makes you feel as if it’s a painting on a canvas. It is not simply a...

Chunchanakatte falls

  • Waterfall

About Chunchanakatte falls With over Three hundred feet of width and over fifty feet of height, the legendary falls named after the couple of the local tribe is among the best tourist places in Mysore. The site is a list topper when it comes to Karnataka Tourism. Major Attractions One of the key...

Chunchi falls

  • Lake & Backwater | Waterfall

About Chunchi falls Named after a legendary couple of a local tribe, the majestic Chunchifalls drops in several smaller sections from as high as fifty feet. The great waterfall is formed on the wild waters of the renowned Arkavathi river of Karnataka is among the most popular places in Karnataka and...

Fairy Falls

  • Waterfall

Fairy Falls. No visit to Kodai is deemed complete until you make a trip down to the charming Fairy Falls. The waterfall is positioned 5 kilometers away from Kodai Lake in the Pambarpuram region. The water here is actually what seeps through a reservoir flowing to the southern part of the hills. One...

Hadlu Waterfall

  • Waterfall

Hadlu Waterfall Situated 250 kilometres from Bangalore, Sakleshpur is one of the best scenic hill stations in the Western Ghats. It is the home of Hadlu Waterfall, that is popular among the Sakleshpur places to visit. Showcasing rich biodiversity, this wonderful waterfall and the surrounding nature...

Hebbe Falls

  • Waterfall

About Hebbe Falls The beautiful Hebbe Falls is located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It is near Kemmanagundi hill station. It is one of the main attractions of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. Coffee estates surround the journey toward this famous waterfall. It goes perfectly well with the...

Iruppu falls

  • Waterfall

About Iruppu falls or Irupu falls or Irpu falls The majestic cataract (a large waterfall) popularly known among the locals as the LakshmanaTirtha and called as Iruppu Falls around the globe, the magnificent waterfall is popularly visited in each of Bangalore Packages, Coorg Packages and even Kerala...

Jhari Waterfalls

  • Waterfall

Jhari Waterfalls The Jhari Waterfalls is also popularly known as the Buttermilk Falls, and it is one of the top places to visit in Chikmagalur. Within the Chikmagalur district, the Jhari Waterfalls is a must inclusion in any Chikmagalur tour package. Surrounding the waterfall are the abundant...

Kallathigiri Falls

  • Waterfall

Kallathigiri Falls Kallathigiri Falls also named as the Kalhatti Falls. It is an attractive place located at a distance of 53 kilometres from Chikmaglur. This waterfall is an ideal destination for peoples who love thrills. Among local tourists, the Kallathigiri Falls is very famous. This waterfall...

Magod Falls

  • Wildlife

Magod Falls appears at a distance 108 kilometres from Karwar. Magod Falls is one of the best PLACES TO VISIT IN DANDELI. This waterfall is made of a group of waterfalls that is situated at Magod village of Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka state. Magod Falls is located over Bedti River, that is...

Mallalli falls

  • Waterfall

Mallalli falls About Mallalli falls The misty Pushpagirihills of Coorg is home to this sparkling gem called the Mallali Falls. The famous stream of Kumaradhara flows from an unthinkable height of two hundred feet making it one among the most magnificent sights of not just India's Scotland Coorg...

Manikyadhara Falls

  • Waterfall

Manikyadhara Falls The Manikyadhara Falls appears in the dense forest of Baba Budangiri hills. This waterfall is one of the best PLACES TO VISIT IN CHIKMAGLUR. Manikyadhara Falls is a popular attraction not to miss in the CHIKMAGLUR TOUR PACKAGE. This height of this waterfall is 30 feet. The...

Manjehalli Waterfalls

  • Waterfall

Manjehalli Waterfalls Like most exotic visionary locales that brim over the sound of the waters, Sakleshpur in the southern part of India is also home to some magnificent waterfalls. The Manjehalli waterfalls in particular, with its cascading fall of water and its primitive lush green surroundings,...

Mekedatu or Sangama

  • Adventure / Trekking | Nature & Park | Waterfall

The most beautiful location Mekedatu is situated at the Kanakapura of Bangalore. It is in the district of Ramanagara, which is 100 kilometres far from the city of Bangalore. There is a slender stretch of land with bottomless gorges is observed named Mekedatu. This is perfect ONE DAY TRIP FROM...

Moulangi falls

  • Waterfall

Unsurprisingly, Moulangi Falls resides in the top three PLACES TO VISIT IN DANDELI. But do you know the reason? The scenic panoramic beauty engages your eyes in awe as you witness the mighty waterfall rushing down from the Moulangi River and another Kali River. The gushing sound is vibrating amidst...

Pambar Falls

  • Waterfall

Pambar Falls Yet another lovely place to experience the charming Kodaikanal weather is the stunning Pambar Falls. Other moniker for this fall is Liril Falls. Nestled just 4 kilometers from Kodai’s bus station, this stunning waterfall attracts hoards of visitors every day. It is a breathtaking spot...

Sathodi Falls

  • Waterfall

Sathodi Falls is a picturesque waterfall and one of the best PLACES TO VISIT IN DANDELI. This waterfall is situated near KallaramaraneGhat of Uttara Kannada district. This waterfall is located at a distance of 78 kilometres from Dandeli, 113 kilometres from Gokarna, and 114 kilometres from Karwar....

Silver cascade falls

  • Waterfall

Silver cascade falls Standing at a height of 180 feet, Silver Cascade waterfall pours down with all its glory on the shimmery rocky formations, making you want to touch and get one with its cool and silvery waters. Yes, the waterfall is fetching to the eyes of a person who is in deep love with...

Soochipara waterfalls / sentinel rock waterfalls

  • Waterfall

Soochipara Waterfalls / Sentinel Rock Waterfalls The unique experience The thick timberland around you is progressively vibrating, the feathered creatures ripple in expectation and the lofty ground around you is gradually raising you to a vantage point where they state you're going to experience...

Thalaiyar Falls

  • Waterfall

HISTORY OF THALAIYAR FALLS.  Thalaiyar Falls can without a doubt be called the pride of Palani Hills. The reason, you may want to know? Well, the waterfall is scenic and pristine like no other place, and captivates your senses with its surreal prettiness. It is Tamil Nadu’s highest falls. As far...

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