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Other Info
  • Internet Availability:Good
  • STD Code:04652
  • Languages Spoken:Tamil, Hindi and English
  • Major Festivals:Cape Comorin festival, Navaratri, and Chaitra Purnima Festivals
  • Notes/Tips:Famous for its beach, temples and monuments, Kanyakumari lures the nature lover, the pilgrim as well as the wanderer

Kanyakumari Overview

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 1 Night 2 Days
  • Nearest City Kanyakumari: Nagarcoil and Trivandrum
  • Best Time to Visit Kanyakumari: Through out the year
  • Peak Season: December to February
  • Weather Info: Moderate
  • State: Tamilnadu

The Unique Experience

Known as ‘The land of three seas’, Kanyakumari or Cape Comorin as was previously called is a tourist hub that is surrounded by vast stretches of sandy sea beach, mountains, coconut groves and paddy fields. The temple town is aesthetically landscaped with green meadows and billowing valleys and plains. Watching sunrise and sunset from the Kanyakumari beach is one of the most popular pastimes with every nature lover. 

About Kanyakumari

Known formerly as Cape Comorin, the town of Kanyakumari is lodged at the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula. It’s an ancient melting pot where art, culture and religion blended in total harmony. The town attracts a large number of tourists that come here to see many of its attractions that are worth every penny spent. The whole town looks picturesque and perfect for sightseeing. The world-famous Kanyakumari beach is located here and is known for its stunning sunrise and sunset. 

There are umpteen tourist spots to lure the wandering traveler like the wold famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kumari Amman Temple, Vattakottai Fort and Padmanabhapuram Palace among others. Apart from sightseeing that may interest the quintessential traveler, the town is also a foodie’s paradise. Here, one can indulge in a vast spread of sea food and south Indian delicacies. It is also a shopper’s Mecca as the town is lined with shops selling souvenirs and handicrafts. 


Legend has it that Goddess Kanyaobserved penance on one of the rocks at Kanyakumari beach hoping to marry Lord Shiva. As per beliefs, after finding Shiva absent on their wedding day, Devi Kanya got upset, and all the wedding food like rice tuned into stones with the passage of time.


Kanyakumari has a rich historical past. The architecture of the temples seen here reminds you of the golden era of the Chera Dynasty, Cholas, Pandayas as well as Nayaks. All these empires contributed immensely to the wonderful and magnificent architecture of the temples located here. 

More About the Place

Kanyakumari temple

Kanyakumari has shot to fame, thanks to Kumari Amman Temple that is revered among worshippers as one of the holiest. Here, devotees come to pray to the presiding deity Goddess Kumari Amman or Devi Kanya.  Almost all Hindu scriptures mention about this temple. 

Kanyakumari beach

Did you know that Kanyakumari beach is counted as one among the least crowded beaches in India? Well, if you like strolling across the sandy shoreline with undulating rocky formations, then drop in at this picturesque beach which is famed for its beauty as well as at sunrise and sunset. 

What else?

At the Kanyakumari beach, one of the world’s most stunning phenomenon takes place. Yes, you can view the moon rise and sunset at the same time during a full moon evening. Isn’t it spectacular? Also, at the Triveni Sangam at Kanyakumari, you get the opportunity to see the confluence of the three seas, each having a color of its own. 

How to reach

Distance in kilometers from Nagarcoil railway station-17.45 kilometer, Kanyakumari railway station-34 kilometer and Trivandrum - 50 kilometer

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