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Other Info
  • Internet Availability:Good
  • STD Code:03192
  • Languages Spoken:Kannada, English, Hindi and Tamil
  • Major Festivals:Kali Pooja, Island Tourism Festival, Deepavali, Ganesh Pooja and Holi
  • Notes/Tips:None

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Andaman & Nicobar Overview

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 4 Night 5 Days
  • Nearest City Andaman & Nicobar: Pondicherry
  • Best Time to Visit Andaman & Nicobar: October to March
  • Peak Season: Nov to Jan and Apr to Jun
  • Weather Info: Moderate
  • State: Andaman Nicobar

The shimmering and extravagant places to visit in Andaman, where the bluish shade of water is fringed by the primordial forest. The available fantastic dive to the sugar whitish sand and beach zone will melt your eyesight by its beautification. It is a perfect destination to experience the amazing beach, forest and natural weather.  The places to visit in Andaman is innumerable. You just have to find out where you wish to stop by. 

Andaman location 

The population of this island is of mixed settlers.  They are mainly from the South and South Asian people, among them some are the traditional Negrito ethnic group of people who have somehow managed to survive from the historically famous Anthropologists conflict. 

The island mainly has a remote settlement due to the coral and beach sights. The remoteness is around 1370 kilometers in the eastern zone from the country India, around 200 kilometers from the Indonesia and around 300 kilometers from Burma in Myanmar.  The place Andaman Island is like a puzzle. It is at the juncture of the Andaman Sea on the side and Bay of Bengal on the top, whereas Indian Ocean on the south.

Places to visit in Andaman airport

Andaman airport is the Veer Savarkar International Airport, which is popularly known as the Port Blair. It is the main location situated on the Inland of Andaman.  Apart from this, there are other 4 airports located at Andaman. 

Andaman and Nicobar currency

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands the currency used is Indian one. Exchanging the currency from the airport is advisable. There are notable banks where it is easier to withdraw money to enjoy a hassle free service. 

Places to visit in Andaman weather

The weather condition of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is very much fluctuating as it is completely surrounded by the seas and oceans. The area  experiences a tropical evergreen climate. It is always pleasant. 

The average temperature remains in between 22 degree Celsius. It maximum rises to 30 degree Celsius. The minimum warmth affects in the middle of the year. This makes the time most uncomfortable for the tourists to visit the place.

Best time to visit in Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Island is the most loved tourists’ destination, which receives the maximum number of visit each year. The temperature is higher than usual in the summer. 

It is recommended to visit in any time apart from Monsoon. Since the place is surrounded by water on all the four sides, there are chances of nonstop rain to take place. The higher tidal waves and the storm wind flow sometimes make the weather more pathetic. Andaman storm is much easier to take place here during Monsoon seasons. 

Summer: April to June.
Winter: October to March are the best seasons. 

Places to visit in Andaman Islands 

There are around 572 islands situated which as a whole completes the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.  It is broadly classified into 5 top divisions based on the location. It includes.

•         Great Andaman,
•         Ritchie’s archipelago,
•         Little Andaman
•         Sentinel Island
•         East Volcano inland

The cluster of islands together makes the destination of the other islands here more prominent. At least locating the Island and distance is important.  Enjoy the vibrant water sports and activities like the scuba diving; snorkeling or even basic swimming makes the place most desirable to the tourists. 

Visit places for Andaman trip Itinerary

Experiencing the beach beauty of the vacation to Andaman is going to start your holiday with a perfect excuse. Once you get off from the flight at Port Blair, visiting the destinations as per the Andaman Tour package is the best way to explore the beauty of the overall attractions. Be it museum or the ferry ride or even cruise Andaman is the best destination for honeymoon couples. Strolling around the fantastic beaches having amazing view, makes the paradise of Andaman most enviable. 

Some important points to keep in mind while you are traveling to Andaman are listed below;

Always try to keep the weather forecast checking while you are travelling to places to visit in Andaman. The best thing if you can check it for last 3-4 days before the visit to the location. Traveling in the month of Monsoon is little risky. Keep the weather forecast in mind before you board the plane.  

Check the weather details if you have contact to the local people who resides there. It is completely on you that how you will be digging in your contacts while such cases. Since the area has experienced dangerous weather conditions, keeping a safe eye is required. 

Make safe your baggage from the inconsequential thefts which is very likely to happen here. There are crowds of people where the thieves keep moving. They target the tourists and take away or snatch the items if anything is left careless. 

Take the helpline contacts from your travel agent or company before you go there. Some of the important helpline numbers are listed here;

Crime and Traffic Helpline: 100
Ambulance: 102
Fire Control: 101
Child helpline: 1098
Women helpline: 1091,1144 or 18003451144

Carry your swimsuits, and water sport clothes to enjoy the activities without buying stuff from the Andaman locale. Exploring the places to visit Andaman is extravagant as compared to the other islands. Take a water bottle with you so that you do not get dehydrated there. There are possibilities of it as it is a completely dry wind beach zone surrounded by seas. 

Your ANDAMAN TOUR PACKAGES is like a magic box. If you can explore it well, you will be benefited to collect as much good memory as possible. Be it your honeymoon or family trip, this is one of the best vacation destinations that is affordable in range. 

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