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Other Info
  • Internet Availability:Good
  • STD Code:0832
  • Languages Spoken:Portuguese, Konkani, Marati and English
  • Major Festivals:Shigmo, Easter, Feast of St. Anthony & Festival of Igitun Chalne
  • Notes/Tips:None

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Goa Overview

  • Ideal Trip Duration: 2 Night 3 Days
  • Nearest City Goa: Gokarna, Karwar, Dandeli, Belgaum
  • Best Time to Visit Goa: Through out the year
  • Peak Season: Oct to Mar
  • Weather Info: Moderate, during summer it will be little hot
  • State: Goa

The Goa tour is being considered as one of the ultimate life goals of every Indian of the modern generation. For taking a break in a busy life and enjoying some time with friends or families, there is hardly any other better holiday destination. At present, you can choose a GOA TOUR PACKAGE which can help you enjoy your holiday as per your plans. There are multiple places to visit in Goa, and planning the trip duration is also essential.

For most persons, three days is considered to be the ideal time to visit Goa. This three-day duration is considered to be perfect, as you can explore all the essential places, and make your trip short yet sweet. There are multiple places to visit in Goa for 3 days. For example, the Goa trip mainly starts with visiting the old churches of Goa, such as the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and the Basilica of Bom Jesus. After that, there are many beaches to visit in North Goa. You should try out the Calangute, Baga, and the Anjuna beach. Finally, you should also not miss the Colva beach, which is one of the main south Goa beaches.

History of Goa

Previously, Goa used to be the tourism spot mainly for the Christians. It developed well as a part of Christian Pilgrimage, and historically Goa was within the Mauryan Empire. There have been other rulers in Goa’s history, and most of them were short-lived. The Vijaynagar Empire is another worthy mention, which ruled Goa for over a hundred years or so. As time passed, Goa became the centre of attention among the British, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Dutch colonies. The deadlock was broken in 1510 when Alfonso de Albuquerque led Portugal to conquer Goa. The Portuguese ruled Goa for over four centuries, and Goa was returned to India in 1961.

Festivals in Goa

Since the society of Goa is greatly influenced by Roman Catholic nature, all Christian festivals and proceedings are carried out in Goa at a large scale. Shigmo, which can be said to be a counterpart of Holi, is held in February or March. After 16 days of Easter, the Feast of Our Lady of Miracles is held. The festival of Igitun Chalne is perhaps the most well-known festival of Goa and is held in May. June sees Goa hosting the Feast of St. Anthony.

Best Time to Visit Goa

As for the best season to visit Goa, there is no single season. It is equally charming in winter, summer, or during monsoons.
If you are visiting in winter, then October to March is the ideal time. During these months, northern India is mainly cold. However, Goa remains warmed up for celebrations. There are multiple festivals during this time, which includes Christmas, New Year, Sunburn, and the Goa Carnival Festival. The weather is quiet, pleasant, and even the nightlife in Goa doesn’t seem too cold. The temperature usually remains around 21 degrees Celsius at night and hovers about 28 degrees Celsius in the day.

April to June are the best time to visit Goa in the summer. During this season, the day temperatures can reach around 35 degrees Celsius. Since the location of Goa is close to the Arabian Sea, it is of no surprise that the environment is greatly humid. If you want to enjoy being hot and humid in Goa, then this is the perfect time to plan a Goa trip.

If you like rains, then the months of June to September are ideal for your Goa trip. The beaches are mainly filled with props and party celebrations, and the natural scenery of Goa rejuvenates during this season. If you are a camp lover or love to explore nature, then monsoons are your ideal time for visiting Goa.
Must Visit Places in Goa

If you do reach Goa, there are many places to see in Goa which you should not miss, even on a tight schedule. These include-

•    Churches such as Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and Basilica of Bom Jesus
•    North Goa beaches such as Calangute, Baga, and Anjuna
•    Tito’s Bar for partying
•    Aguada Fort
•    The local shops in Anjuna which includes handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional jewellery
•    Colva beach

Goa Tourism

The Goa tourism should be planned appropriately, and it should start right from your arrival at Goa. Once you have landed in the railway station or airport, hire transport and reach your hotel.
As you start your tour, you will slowly get engrossed in the culture and heritage of Goa that is modelled after the Portuguese traditions. The cathedrals such as Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and Basilica of Bom Jesus are major tourist attractions in the Old Goa which have been around for over a century.

You should also visit the huge forts present in the city which are dated back to the 15th century. The Fort Aguada is one of the main tourist attractions of Goa, and this famous fort is now transformed into a luxurious hotel. Visiting these places will generally take a day

Goa beaches

Next, we go to Goa beaches. The beaches are the primary reason why anyone would even consider going to Goa. There are multiple beautiful beaches, which serve as primary tourist destination spots for both international and Indian tourists. The main beaches include Calangute, Baga, Colva, and Anjuna. There are a lot of activities that can be done in Goa. These include water skiing, scuba diving, beach volleyball, parasailing, and so on.

Goa City

As already stated, the Goa City will remind anyone of the old classic Portuguese and European styled architecture. Even the city is planned in such a manner. With a society influenced by Roman Catholics, the European signature is found all over Goa City. For visitors, there are multiple local and traditional shops, where you can buy souvenirs and pieces to keep as a symbol.

North Goa

The North Goa is another tourist crowded area with beaches like Baga, Anjuna, and Calangute. To enjoy the spirit of Goa, you should visit the Tito’s Bar and enjoy the nightlife there. For shopping purposes, the Saturday Night Bazaar at Ingo’s is also famous.

South Goa

The main attraction of South Goa is the Colva beach. There are also famous resorts, cottages, shacks, eateries, and discos located in this part of the state.

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