Banashankari Temple

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  • Timings : 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM and 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Entry Fee : No fee
  • Distance from near by city 11 Kilometers from Bangalore city
  • Trip duration (including travel in hours)30 - 60 Mins
  • Transportation OptionsSedan - AC (4+1), SUV - AC (7+1), Tempo Traveller - AC (12+1)
  • Travel Tips Bit crowded on Tuesdays, Fridays and festival season.

About Banashankari Temple

The renowned Bana Shankari temple is one among the most worshipped Hindu temples of not just Bangalore but the entire country. Banashankari  (or Vanashankari) 'Amma' (meaning Mother) is believed to be one of the several holy avatars of the Hindu Goddess Maa Parvati who is the wife of the almighty Shankara as per the holy Hindu scriptures. Worshipped with all due love and several special preparations precisely during the Rahu Kaal which is set as per the astrological lunar nodes, the temple site is an auspicious place to visit in Bangalore. The fortunate establishment of the sacred temple was done in the early 20th century by the eminent Subramanya Shetty. The goddess is believed to take away all the pains and problems of her dedicated believers which make the sacred temple a prime center of belief among the Hindus devotees from across the borders. It is also famously believed that the mighty goddess is most merciful over her believers who are poverty-stricken.

Major Attractions

Apart from the regular days,Fridays, Sundays and even Tuesdays witness a special arti at the temple which is a prime highlight among the devoted locals who visit in great numbers to be a part of the celebrated ritual. The temple interestingly follows a distinct style of worshipping the goddess. Believers of maa light oil lamps in her honor. The peels of lemon left after skillfully extracting the inside pulp are used as the base of the cotton buds dipped in oil. This distinct form of worshipping is a prime specification here which devotees find very interesting. Apart from the innumerable miracles which have happened here as per the Hindu devotees, a grand celebration done within the temple premises thrice every year proves to be among the prime attractions here. Banashankari Maa's birth date is believed to be on the 13th of September which is one of the most memorable days of the year here. Dussehra is another exciting festival of Hindus which celebrates her powers with an immense number of worshippers coming to celebrate. Apart from this, December witnesses the anniversary celebration of the holy temple. All these massive celebrations make the temple one out of the several prime places to visit in Bangalore.

How to Reach

The temple built on the Kanakapura street is about 50 minutes away from the City Railways.

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