Barren Island Volcano

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Adventure / Trekking | Beach
4 / 5
  • Timings : 24 Hours
  • Entry Fee : No fee
  • Distance from near by city 140 kilometers from Port Blair
  • Trip duration (including travel in hours)3 - 4 hours
  • Transportation OptionsSedan - AC (4+1), SUV - AC (7+1), Tempo Traveller - AC (12+1)
  • Travel Tips Carry DSLR as photography is allowed

The most popular place Barren Island is one of the top places to visit in Andaman. It is situated at a distance of 138 kilometers from Port Blair. In recent times, it is the active volcanoes along the chain of the Sumatra to the county Myanmar. The island is also a part of the Indian Territory which is known as a submarine emergent volcano. The last eruption noticed here, in the year 2018 which was observed as a phenomenon to a lot of people.
It is said that Barren Island is uninhabited by humans which have a small population of the animal-like goats present. The flock of birds, bats and even other rodent species are observed to fly here and there.

Barren Island Volcano eruption
One of the active volcanoes of Barren Island volcano in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the hub of ash and lava. Latest in the years 2018, the volcano eruption was observed. It is during the daytime that the ashes and cloud start showing sign when the crater starts erupting into the atmosphere. The sediments and water start throwing coal-like black pyroclastic material all over.

How to reach Barren Island?

Barren Island falls under the restricted area which requires a special permit to visit the place.  No one is allowed to stay here in the night, thus a morning trip is the only option. You can start at a time of 3 am or 4 am and reach the place in4 -5 hours. Traveling through ships is a great way to enjoying traveling on the sea and witnessing the volcano island.

Barren Island sport activities

There are many sports activity which indulges in here. It majorly includes fishing and snorkeling. Some advance scuba diving does take place, but you need to be pro in swimming to witness this experience.

What are there in and around Barren Island?

Barren Island as a destination is far away from the mainland. It is a place where you will notice;

•         Manta rays
•         Basalt formation
•         Lava flows
•         Coral gardens
•         Ships
•         Cruise

Andaman tour package not always includes the Barren Island in the list, but if you wish to experience this you can get tour in customized based on the places you wish to witness. This place a lifetime experience to witness. Nature and its creation are the best to notice here. Do visit once to see the place at its peak times, October to march. 

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